Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Iatesta Fantasy post

      I wonder how many of the fantasy players do it not because they're big sports fans but because they prefer the gambling aspect of it. I play fantasy football but it doesn't make me watch anymore football than I normally would. I might have greater interest in the games being played but I would watch anyway. But overall to me fantasy sports does not make me watch more football.
       I do however find myself checking twitter and stats online more often than I normally would. I usually use twitter to check for injury updates and use my fantasy app on my phone to check stats and my scores all the time. I think fantasy has definitely increased my usage of media.

      The one article talks about marketing by networks and websites and new to this year NFL stadiums is that all include fantasy updates in the stadium so people can see how there team is doing throughout the day. They put the stats up on the scoreboards during breaks and I believe some stadiums may have handheld devices with the information on them.

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