Thursday, October 4, 2012


One thing I find interesting about the Kobe Bryant piece is when he refers to Kobe as a “breath of fresh air.” I think that is interesting because before the rape I used to like Kobe and my dislike for Kobe had nothing to do with the rape. As a person he seemed to change, he changed his number, he started getting tattoos, and seemed to become the most arrogant ass in the world. I don’t know if it is significant but I just thought it was interesting that he talks about Kobe as if you could consider him white because he’s straight laced but this transformed him. He also talks about Allen Iverson among others disappointing fans. I think, just like many Sixers fans, Allen Iverson is a basketball god. Do I approve of his off the court discretions? Of course not but I can differentiate his basketball from his personal life. I feel like people forget that athletes are people, they aren’t robots they make the same mistakes as regular people.

One problem I find is that women are generally given the field reporter position, which to me is an unnecessary position. I think women have proven they can handle anchor jobs or studio hosts like Linda Cohn or Michelle Beadle. Women with these jobs are in the minority unfortunately. One thing that I do question is why Pam Oliver dyes her hair pink. I realize she can do as she pleases but I feel like any reporter doing that would lead to them being taken less seriously. It is just odd to me that she’s a woman in a field that has stereotypes against women and she dyes her hair an insane color.

I plan on doing the 1989 world series for my paper. 

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