Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bellino Sport and Politics

The Green article I thought was more interesting than the Hachleitner and Manzenreiter article for one main reason, I’m not that interested in the business behind soccer.  I thought the article on sports and politics was much more interesting because it related to me and what I thought was newsworthy.

While I may not be interested in the topic the article about Euro 2008 still raised some interesting points. The first thing that caught my eye was the sentence that talked about how the soccer sports writers were the sport’s biggest advertising agency. If that was said about my writing for The Temple News I think Joe Cranney would be going to jail for a very serious crime against me. Furthermore, the talk about the media in this article reminded me of the stories we read about Babe Ruth as they called the sports media, “myth-makers.”

Green describes in one of his first paragraphs that sports have taken center-stage, even using United States President Barack Obama to reinforce his point by calling him the “sports president.” Then directly after that he said that G.W. Bush was once called the “sports president.” Green then goes on to compare sports to a bar, which is an excellent comparison and then goes to talk about how women are blocked out of the political realm. When one sits back and really looks at it it’s amazing how much sports and politics are related, although unfortunately I don’t think President Obama will be taking his talents to South Beach any time soon.

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