Monday, November 19, 2012

Hot dogs 5:15

     One thing I took away from the Green article that is relevant today was the using of tax money for stadiums and having politicians get involved. This is a topic brought up with the Marlins and how they got their fans and tax payers to pay 40% of their new stadium because the promised to compete and one year after opening the stadium they sell off all their top players. Also, back when Tampa built their dome there were threats unless the city of Seattle paid for a new ball park the Mariners would leave. It took Slade Gorton a senator to intervene to keep the team in Seattle. They eventually built Safeco but without public support. One final example was the controversy over the Sonics leaving and how former Mayor Greg Nickles made a deal with the ownership group for them to be allowed to leave before the end of the lease before the courts decided what would be done. They finally agreed to build a new arena in order to get a new basketball team and most likely a hockey team. But even this, after so much public outcry over them leaving, took a great deal of political arguments with the city council.

   On the Euro 2008 article I was surprised to see that the Euro cup had virtually no impact on Austria's national economy. When I think about it logically though it makes sense because like it says they had to build so many structures and such and then the jobs created are fleeting. That's not to say however that there won't be lasting impacts. They now have all the stadiums if they were to host again or possible the World Cup. Also, people might have been so impressed they could move there families that, not that there would be some great migration but as the article states it puts a positive aspect on the country as a whole.


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