Monday, November 19, 2012

Sports and Politics - Dunn

Well, now that Blogger has kicked me off of blackboard, I've got to write this thing with no outside help!

I thought the article was interesting. It was a little redundant near the end, but the point was well received. Sport and politics are a part each other. A political race is seen as a sport, as it has the name of a sport (race) in it!

It can be hard to separate the two, as discussions get heated, and words get exchanged between opposing foes and their followers. I think that the political spectrum is exactly like sports, but that doesn't mean I take politics any less seriously.

It seemed to me that the author was trying to say that the two can only go together when no one really realizes that they are similar. I don't agree. I think that we just ignore it all together. People don't think any less of the two because they're so closely related. But then again, that's my perspective. If Obama said his favorite team was the Phillies, I would talk about it amongst my friends and probably say a few mean things about how they're terrible and whatnot, but it isn't going to make me vote against him.

Sports and politics feature the best and worst of people, and often times, those people lose sight of the real reasons they're fans. This happens a lot in sports, and the arguments I've had with both opposing sports fans and opposing political party people are very similar.

People love to bicker and argue whenever they get a chance.

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