Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anthony Bellino Blog Number 2

A question that was posed in the blog was what caused the evolution from the 1920’s through the present day in sports journalism; I took a second and thought about my own answer to this given question. The simplest thing I could think of was that it would be plain stupid to not utilize the given technology that we have today. The article by Hancherick states that Bill Simmons reaches over a million followers each and every time he tweets. This means he can break a story to a massive audience be it in 140 characters or less, before he writes an actual article. The one problem that twitter poses when it comes to journalism is who is credible and who isn’t. I can go on twitter right now and tweet that the Eagles have traded Michael Vick to the Patriots for Tom Brady, is that by any means credible? No, but if say Adam Schefter tweets the same thing people may actually look into it.


The article by Salwen and Garrison shows a table listing the possible problems involving journalism and more importantly sports journalism. The number one listed problem is professionalism. It seems every so often you see a big plagiarism story come out in journalism that affects the credibility of a given writer.  The part that really struck me in this article was the quote from Dwight Kier where he gave a one word answer to the main problem facing journalism when he simply said, “credibility.” Kier talks about how sports journalists aren’t very polished in grammar or name spelling, and must improve.


Everyone loves to talk about the problems facing journalism and the constant changing in the methods practiced by journalists. The truth is that I don’t see much changing in terms of journalism for at least a few years, the papers will stick around even though people love saying they’re “dying.” Social media will continue to take over as the place to break news even though it isn’t in a full story. These articles helped just further open my eyes to problems that we’ve spent two weeks talking about in class, these were focused mainly on sports and technology though.

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