Wednesday, September 12, 2012

John Iatesta post two

            I find it really interesting that the biggest concern amongst journalists professionalism. I think new media has led to a decrease in professionalism. Although the Internet and television have created a much bigger market for sports journalism, it has also led to sensationalized stories and personalities that are no longer objective in their opinions. ESPN over the years has produced great stories and has broken major news but recently they have become more of an entertainment business than a news organization. I realize sports are entertainment and so is sports media, but ESPN should be a sports news network first and entertainment second. A show like First Take is not only an insult to peoples’ intelligence; it is an insult to journalism. That show is possibly the most unprofessional show I have ever seen. I find it ironic how in the second article it talks about how ESPN employs top reporters, which they do, but then they put something like that on the air just to garner ratings and create controversy rather than trying to educated viewers. I don’t mean to pick on ESPN either for all their faults there are equal amounts of positives, but they are the largest sports network so using them as an example is the most obvious.

            In reference to twitter killing journalism as we know it, I disagree. Like we’ve mentioned in class writers post links to their stories on twitter. Along with that it gives people a way to directly communicate with the writers to answer questions and create a relationship between reading and writer. I know I find myself reading articles written by certain writers based off of their twitter feeds. I also actively look for story links from these writers. So I don’t see how it will kill journalism as we know it, I see it as a way to make the current system modern and more interactive for today’s audience. 

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