Tuesday, September 11, 2012

     If professionalism is the biggest concern that sports journalists have, then Twitter has not made the problem any easier. If getting their first is everything, then Twitter provides the outlet in which to achieve this speed. The first article brings up the concerns that some journalists have within their own field. Amongst them, were concerns of writing skill and ethics, aside from the previous mentioned professionalism.
     There is something about getting there first that means everything to a journalist. Being that guy or girl that has the source that will only talk to them and break a major trade or signing is something that is very protected by journalists; almost every journalist keeps their sources to themselves. The speed at which they produce the information often supersedes the importance of respectable journalism. The quality of their work at times can be in question, if the timeliness of the article or news piece is more important than the content itself. It is this shift that has caused the great debate within journalism and technology.
     An important advancement in technology is Sportscenter, which is now broadcasted live. If there is breaking news, they can cover it as soon as they have it confirmed by their sources. They have made a great attempt at competing with the services of the internet. In my opinion, this speaks volumes to the adaptation that media and journalism has undergone.
    I find myself in complete agreement with the second article, and much of it runs parallel with the first article. As it is, sports journalism is taken much more seriously by its workers than by its counterparts. When you have Twitter and different media sites threatening the validity of your craft, then you are set up for trouble. Without more care for the craft of journalism, it will continue to disintegrate, until it is left to be defined by 140 characters. 

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