Wednesday, September 5, 2012

John Iatesta

     The Carey article described the shift in journalism that has taken place and how this has led to a decline in the quality of journalism. The Ford article discusses how changing times and technology have made the newspaper industry more or less obsolete but does not offer a true replacement for the newspaper.

      I find it interesting that there has been similar rhetoric for decades. The Carey article talks about television news and the need for breaking news leading to the decline of print journalism and today people use the same argument about the Internet. The advent of social media and the Internet in general has created a need for instant news and for it to be as concise as possible. People can’t be burdened to read lengthy articles that take up multiple columns in a newspaper. You could see this change around the time the Carey piece was written with the creation of USA Today only four years earlier.

      To Ford’s point about how the Internet is not a reputable source of information I find that to be quite short sided. There are sites that can be like the National Enquirer, but people can tell these sites apart from a legitimate news site. Major newspapers are online and available to read even though some do require you buy a subscription. Online newspapers are so much more interactive; they have video, full color, and search bars to find exactly what you want. It creates a more appealing form of news to this current age. Change is inevitable and there is no reason to not welcome the change.

      I understand the complaints of modern journalism and I agree to an extent but a journalist’s job is to deliver the news and they are doing this. It may not be as beautiful and articulate as previous generations but that no longer demanded. Change can be scary for some but whether or not it scares you must adapt because it will happen no matter what.

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