Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anthony Bellino Blog on Beat Writing

There were a few statements in this week’s readings that I agreed and disagreed with. I agree as I have from the first day of class that journalism is absolutely an evolving profession. Unlike the popular statement I believe that the game has changed, but some of the players are still the same, not all. Journalists that have been working beats since before I was born in 1992 were forced to adapt to a new atmosphere surrounding reporting news. Now, they must be constantly tweeting and updating followers on what is going on with the team. If they are late to post the lineup or release breaking news than yes they will get flack from their higher ups or even followers. Journalists who are new to the industry have been using twitter and other social networking sites for most of their careers. When it comes to the beat you have to be the first to release the news to beat out your competition.

Thinking as a sports fan and journalist alike there was one statement in the Moran article that I completely disagreed with though. Moran says, “To them (freshman in fall of 2010) Bob Knight and Lou Holts are not coaches as much as talking heads.” To me this statement is completely false, while I may not have been alive when Lou Holtz brought led the Fighting Irish on the field each Saturday or when Bobby Knight was firing chairs across the court at Indiana, I realize what they did as professionals. This is why I respect some, not all of their opinions as commentators of their respective sports. These men were coaches first and analysts second, to call them talking heads from a person of my ages viewpoint is completely disrespectful to the things these men did for their teams.

These articles though really shed light on what it is like to be a beat writer for a media driven team such as the New York Yankees, and let me say that it is much different than my post of beat writer for the Temple golf team. Today it is more of a competition to see who releases what news first, not who is writing the best articles.

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