Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beat Reporter John

     In regards to the article about the beat reporters I’d agree with the tone of the article that a baseball beat doesn’t seem to be the most enjoyable. I’d also say that due to the now now now demands of consumers the best work isn’t necessarily being put out there because they can’t afford to take their time. However it annoyed me how Kindred kept making the point that they have to write a lot during a game and it becomes a grind. Well that is exactly what a baseball season is, a grind. Also, it is the reporters’ job to write. I realize it might not be the most enjoyable day of work having to write constantly but honestly writing all day about a baseball game is not the worst job I could think of. As we’ve said in class journalism is constantly changing and the demands have changed and the writers must adapt to this.

      Moran I don’t really agree with at all. To me he is just basically saying “back in my day we did it this way”, well it’s not your day anymore and things change. That’s not to say there isn’t value in the way things used to be done and that there aren’t things that can be learned but things will not be done under the old model anymore. What needs to be done is to teach his students the principles of the old way and not the old way itself. Also, like Anthony I was offended by his comment saying that people of our generation have no idea of Kirk Gibson or Duke beating Kentucky. That is completely and utterly false. Being a sports fan myself I’ve always asked questions and been interested in the history of my favorite sports. Just because I wasn’t alive when he played, I know exactly the type of ballplayer Dick Allen was. He was my father’s favorite player and always told me stories of Allen, his favorite being when he hit a homerun over the flag pole in center field of Connie Mack Stadium. Being young doesn’t make us ignorant to sports history.

      We've said it over and over again, the way things are done in journalism and sports journalism are not the same as just ten years ago and reporters must adapt to the new methods while keeping their integrity as reporters. 

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