Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ean Dunn Reading 2, The 'Buncha Hacks' Edition

Salwen and Garrison are exactly right. In their article, Finding Their Place In Journalism: Newspaper Journalists' Professional "Problem," they try to help sports journalists help themselves. I can attest to the concerns over “hacks” and professionalism. I’m sure I would be considered a hack by these older guys simply because I am writing for a sports blog.
Since it was published in the dark ages of 1998, I’ll cut these guys (the ones taking the survey) some slack. They couldn’t have known the true breadth of the Internet and how far it could reach. It seems to me, and is shown by their short answer responses that they are worried for Journalism in general, and especially sports journalism. I’m worried about it as well, and this is nearly 15 years later.
The use of both open and closed ended questions really helps this article’s strength, as the numbers do not lie. Journalism is changing, and it is my hope that writers are changing with it.
 The other article, Tweet Talking: How Modern Technology and Social Media Are Changing Sports Communication, is also a good read. I found myself nodding my head in the affirmative manner.
The way people receive news has changed dramatically. Bill Simmons’ tweet, while accidental, proved a very interesting point: the introduction of social media has increased people’s desire to get news, whether it be sports related or the weather, immediately. People didn’t care about ESPN’s ethics, and they certainly didn’t know/care that Simmons was just trying to confirm a source.
It amazes me that these guys even have sources to begin with. Simmons, Buster Olney, and recently Adam Schefter, seem to have an unwavering amount of sources and always have the inside scoop.
The main concern from the first article was professionalism, while the main problem in the second article is getting news out ASAP. It’s tough to tightrope walk the hazy line that is sports journalistic ethics. In this day and age, anything goes. If I hear that Cole Hamels is going to be traded at some point today, I have a huge dilemma on my hands. Do I write up a 2,000-word story, which will be published around the same time the deal happens, or do I write Hamels Yankees and post it immediately to my 3,000,000 followers? It will be interesting to see where twitter and social media take Sports Journalism.

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