Wednesday, September 19, 2012

       The Molan talks a great deal about the teaching of journalism. Is the appropriate way to teach students the craft, the new way or the old way? He seems to argue that there is a time and a place for both of these to exist. While it is important for students to understand how to appropriately use these new technologies, it is almost important to understand the risks that come with using said medias. However, keeping them from learning the new way, will keep them from learning how the field actually works, which will thwart their learning process.
            This is an interesting debate in any field. I am a DJ and am currently going through the same struggling. When teaching the younger ones how to DJ I struggle with the approach. Because DJing has become such a technology-advanced skill, it is not easy to start back at square one. It seems as though teaching them the old way will keep them too far behind the learning curb. However, not enough can be said about the importance of learning the old school way and why that is important. That is training that you can no longer get in the field; therefore it is imperative to at least have some direction from the old school.
            Just as journalists get caught up in getting the news out first, the clarity and validity of the information is also lost. It is not easy to be first and flawless when it comes to the news. The art of journalism has shifted, and the new school is here to stay. Students cannot be left for dry when it comes for basic journalism, but they do need to have the principles instilled in their minds, but the new school practice in experience. 

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